Storm Dragons Vs Ninja - An asymmetrical 2 player co-op game , (requires two usb xbox controllers). I'm quite proud of this one.
StarCapture - A two player versus game.

Castles&Trains - Build castles & lay train tracks.
YouShouldJumpOffTheMap - My first unity project ever. Don't expect much.
TheBurdenOfSunlight - A not-game. Grow plants. FPS.
Unexplored - A text adventure / resource trading game. - A building game. Grow the cybernetic bees of the greek gods.
Broken Brothers Deluxe Beta v1.0.exe - A stylish RTS.
Broken Brothers Pilgrimage - A RTT game (Real Time Tactics) built at NoMoreSweden 2010 - The early prototype that started it all.
Cordell's Journey - A surreal 3D platformer - A garden growing game (WARNING: Does not work widescreen) - Fight to defend Shakespeare's works. Build forts from the letters & cut firing slits through the sonnets. - A hard, fast, action game. - This is a surreal jetpack FPS.
Tactics - Defend against infinite hordes with 13 units in this RTT. - Survive until dawn. Built with superbrothers, may God forgive me for anti-aliasing his artwork.
Yalfal's Adventures - A multiplication education game built with/for my little sister, Yalfal.

Demos / Full versions:
Engine of War - Upgrade your mech in many interesting ways in the circuit simulator, then use it to fight.
Some of my other games are for sale at Happy Little Smile Games.

Not publicly available:
Silent Skies - Trailer

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